Teams Batch #1

  • Mobility for rural regions in Sub-Saharan Africa. The overarching objective is to develop a coherent concept vehicle which addresses the problems of the rural population. The vehicle will enable better access to health care, education and information in the remote areas.
    Evum Motors
  • Acrai aims to disrupt the $26bn herbicides industry by enhancing state-of-the-art mechanical weeding methods with deep learning based computer vision.
  • Blue Inductive develops wireless superchargers to charge electric vehicles conveniently and fully autonomously.
    Blue Inductive
  • CAALA helps architects assess the financial and environmental impact of design decisions within seconds during the early planning phase.
  • Crashtest Security provides a proactive cloud based security scanning service for web application developers that embeds into the continuous integration cycle of agile software development, allowing early error detection and improved security, while saving money compared to traditional security tests.
    Crashtest Security
  • AI and Vision for IoT: Object recognition and segmentation on IoT cameras for logistic, production and automotive applications using deep learning.
  • Industrial asset monitoring - acquisition of high-resolution and high-quality machine data that are relevant for safe and efficient operations by retrofitting of sensors to machines and industrial equipment.
    Dynamic Components
  • We help B2C companies to steer & optimize their customer journeys with AI.
    Free Machines
  • FreiFahrt is connecting the mobility sector and advertisers in order to make mobility affordable for everyone - financed by smart ads.
  • We utilize our own air quality sensor networks, big data analytics and machine learning approaches to provide real-time, high resolution air quality data allowing all stakeholders to make informed decisions.
  • Next Generation Livestreaming! The software enables cheap and easy-to-use livestreaming from different perspectives. It uses smartphones as cameras and an app for combining the different views to one professional livestream on Facebook or Youtube.
  • We develop a cloud-based IT security platform for corporations that provides a strong protection from cyber criminality through artificial intelligence.
  • Full flavour, pure water: a drinking-system, that adds flavour to pure tab-water just by scent.
  • KEWAZO develops automation systems for the scaffolding assembly, which is both a dangerous and labor-intensive activity.
  • We sell user experience in mobility. Our product is a shared on-demand passenger transportation service for metropolitan areas called Kussbus.
  • Software solutions from LARALAB analyze medical image data (CT or ultrasound) and automatically segment the various anatomical structures of the heart in order to determine the optimal puncture site, the best suitable catheter and implant for each patient.
  • Gastronomy in the Digital Era - ORDA is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) smart phone application that functions as gastronomy portal in which guests of gastronomic venues can order and pay through a digital menu.
  • Business Intelligence Software for Patent Law Firms. With Patent-Pilot, patent attorneys can see the full client base of almost all patent law firms worldwide and even their order volume. We make patent law firms and their client relationships transparent.
    Patent Pilot
  • We offer automated contract analysis for lawyers based on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms.
  • Enabling autonomous robotics via artificial intelligence: Robotcloud is developing software for industrial robots, which will enable industry managers to easily automate industrial tasks which for now could not be automated with robots because they are too little structured.
  • Workpath is an OKR and goal management platform designed to drive performance, employee engagement and operational excellence.