Teams Batch #2

  • BODYVISER aims to empower individuals to be their own health manager. We provide individuals with tools to measure their body state at home, we analyze the data based on deep learning and personal coaches and offer the customer continuous coaching to reach a healthy, preventive lifestyle.
  • Spreadmix is an audio livestreaming platform. It enables artists all over the world to live broadcast their audio in highest quality via their smartphone.
  • Karlsson helps you find the best additional health insurance based on your demographic and psychometric data.
  • happybrush Zoo is an innovative system (sensor + App) that enables children to turn teeth brushing into fun and helps parents to take the stress out of toothbrushing.
    Happybrush Zoo
  • Smokeless uses smart technology to conquer smoking addiction: A smart e-cigarette reduces the physical dependence on the drug nicotine and a community app helps fighting against the mental addiction with gamification strategies.
  • TRANSPORT HEROES provide freight forwarders who have a large effort in handling their spot prices, an instant, automated, and scalable 24/7 price information and booking software (SaaS).
    Transport Heroes
  • We are combining semiconductor technology and infrared spectroscopy to build a device that analyses protein based drugs faster and better than conventional devices. Our customers will be research institutes, universities, and pharma companies.
  • Deeply enables your product to analyze demographics and emotions. We offer easy integration of real-time mulitface analysis and thus facilitate new ways of human-machine interaction.
  • Cliniserve automizes nursing processes and thus makes the work of nurses more enjoyable and efficient. The first product is a nurse-patient communication solution for hospitals that allows nurses to prioritize tasks, reduce their walking distance and automize documentation.
  • Plantura is a digital brand within the home & garden sector. We enable manufacturers/brands with data-driven insights to increase their visibility as well as their online market share.
  • By making the driving experience of company cars, carsharing and car rental accountable for the private car insurance contract we can offer our users a better Schadenfreiheitsklasse-discount.
  • Demodesk is an innovative web-based screen sharing tool tailored to the needs of cloud software vendors (SaaS).
  • We decrease vehicle downtime with associated costs and manage the complexity of heterogeneous fleets. We envision a multi-brand predictive maintenance solution in the B2B automotive industry.
  • FLYLA is a platform for cheap last minute flight tickets exclusively for students to improve the capacity utilization of international airlines.
  • We have developed an intelligent steering system, based on smart glasses, for people with disabilities relying on electric wheelchairs.
  • With MergerSpot we automate Mergers & Acquisition processes with artificial intelligence and visualize insights former buried deep in excel sheets. We help private equity investors and consultants who want to identify potential interesting targets with our deal sourcing software.
  • inveox digitizes and automates the sample preparation process in pathology labs to prevent cancer misdiagnosis and improve lab efficiency.
  • We will provide new and best-in-class solutions for home automation. Our first product will be Swaaz which is the World's Smartest Light Switch to turn on/off and dim the lights remotely directly from the Smartphone and locally without touching the Switch among much more unique features.
  • PassiveBolt is a passive home entry module that allows door lock manufacturers to cost effectively produce smart locks and let customers lock and unlock entry doors with a simple touch.
  • nGen manufactures a set of electric wheels which turn any normal wheelchair into a high-tech electric one.
  • Commutify is a platform that allows companies in suburban campuses to become more reachable by presenting their employees with more efficient commute options.
  • TWAICE delivers solutions based on digital twins to reduce battery development and testing costs, increase reliability and lifetime for battery and electric vehicle manufacturers as well as fleet operators.
  • We are developing a super light e-Bike with a fully integrated and invisible drive system. Our solution perfectly combines the benefits of an ordinary and an electric bike. Due to our innovative drive technology, the TronicDrive, it is 50 percent lighter than conventional models. Don’t make your daily trips being a hustle — be delighted by a great and sustainable riding experience.