Teams Batch #3

  • Beamler is a SaaS company that helps engineers to get access to a worldwide 3D Print network. At Beamler we say: We'll Make It
  • Equestrian Fitness & Health Tracker that tracks the movements of the horse 24/7 and gives insights into its performance and wellbeing.
  • Climedo empowers doctors to bring personalized therapies to patients faster by providing them with an intelligent software solution to efficiently and safely conduct complex treatments.
  • CONTUNITY empowers you to build your own electronics. Simply use our online drag-&-drop editor, we do the rest. Never again worry about embedded code, schematics oder PCB-layouts. Welcome to a exciting new world! CONTUNITY - Electronics made simple.
  • The lab in your pocket
  • A SaaS Data Protection Manager for SMEs - Automating Data Protection
  • Construction sites are a major challenge for autonomous vehicles. We are developing a system, called SIMAV, that generates detailed, accurate and real-time site informations of the traffic guidance. SIMAV enables safe driving with autonomous vehicles in construction sites in the future.
  • Our software product, the IPT.Stack, connects human and machine intelligence in a novel way to optimize production processes. It uses formalized human knowledge and machine data for predicting optimal process adjustments. Thereby, IPT.Stack reduces rework and reject in manufacturing processes.
    Insight Perspective Technologies
  • Accelerating the New Space Age through cutting-edge propulsion systems
    Isar Aerospace Technologies
  • jalu. tv will revolutionize sports shows. The user is no longer reliant on one commentator. He gets infinite possibilities from a huge pool. In addition he sees individual shows that fit his interests. From American Football to Zumba - the world's largest sports community will arise.
  • Kumovis develops 3D-printing systems based on the FDM principle for high-performance polymers with Focus on medical applications.
  • MEDIKURA offers healthcare IT solutions to improve drug safety.
  • Building business research tools for the 21st century
  • NavIndo enables precise localization and navigation in complex indoor environments without additional infrastructure. With our highly scalable crowdsourcing technology, we dynamically create indoor maps from smartphone sensor data.
  • Leveraging Blockchain and AI to shape the future of Digital Health.
    Patient One
  • RideBee is a carpooling application for companies in order to reduce commuting expenses and stress for its employees.
  • Spanflug
    We are developing an online platform with a sophisticated CAD analysis and pricing algorithm that allows the instant and hassle-free ordering of manufactured parts.
  • StudySmarter builds the first intelligent e-learning platform digitizing the entire learning process and automatically enhancing learning material.
    Study Smarter