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About UnternehmerTUM

XPRENEURS is part of UnternehmerTUM, Europe's largest center for start-ups and innovation. Our broad ecosystem enables us to incubate the strongest teams.

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Ubi Master learning

ubiMaster - Personal tutor on-demand

ubiMaster offers unlimited, on-demand digital access to a personal tutor for a flatrate.

Vyoma background

Vyoma - Increasing confidence in space with in-situ debris tracking & AI

Vyoma delivers safe and automated satellite operations through space-based cameras & AI, drastically reducing mission costs.

Zesavi background

Zesavi - Knowledge Sharing within Companies through Personalized Video Tutorials

Zesavi enables employees to easily create and share personalized video tutorials across company channels.

Eco mio background

eco.mio - Reducing Travel Costs and CO2 Emissions by Rewarding Employees

eco.mio rewards employees who help their company save costs and CO2 emissions on their business trips.

Behamics background

behamics - Decreasing Product Returns and Increasing Conversions in E-Commerce Shops

behamics is a cloud-based software as a service that optimizes conversion and product return rates in E-Commerce.

Tinus background

Tinus - A Sound-Transmitting Pillow To Help Tinnitus Patients To Fall Asleep

Tinus sound-transmitting pillow helps people who suffer from tinnitus or general sleep problems to fall asleep.

No touch robotics

No-Touch Robotics - The Next Generation of Robotic Grippers and Micromanipulators

No-Touch Robotics provides a solution for handling small and fragile objects without damage or contamination.


Streavent - A Toolbox For Virtual & Hybrid Events

Streavent offers a software-toolbox for virtual and hybrid events that can be easily configured and adapted to each customer.

Awake mobility

AWAKE Mobility - A Predictive Maintenance Platform For Buses

AWAKE Mobility builds a predictive maintenance platform for bus fleets in public transportation companies. They analyze the vehicle data in real-time and help employees in the operations center and workshop to gather insights about the vehicle’s health status.


VIEZO - Generating Electricity From Vibrations

Viezo is developing a device capable of generating electricity from vibrations. Goal of it is to power the wireless IoT sensors, therefore prolonging their lifetime at least twice, reducing costs by approximately 40% and getting rid of toxic batteries.