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Batch #14

We proudly present XPRENEURS Batch #14!

We're thrilled to announce our brand new XPRENEURS Batch #14! Out of a total of 263 start-ups in our application funnel, we chose 39 teams to pitch in 4 days. Now, we’re proud to present the 23 start-ups that made it into Batch #14.

Start ups

Unveiling the Application Phase of XPRENEURS Batch #14: Exploring Trends and Statistics

Dive deeper into the trends and statistics of the application phase for XPRENEURS Batch #14, shedding light on various aspects such as the number of applications, start-ups per industry, and the presence of female founders.

Diversity Start-up Night

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: Highlights from the Diversity Start-up Night

On May 10, 2023, XPRENEURS, Nauta Capital & UVC Partners in cooperation with Speedinvest, Bayerisches Wirtschaftsministerium & Gründerland Bayern hosted the Diversity Start-up Night at the Munich Urban Colab. Founders, investors and other important players in the ecosystem came together to speak about how barriers can be overcome and what needs to be done to foster more diversity in the start-up ecosystem.

Batch 13

Batch #13 - Let’s kick it off!

We're thrilled to announce one of the largest batches in XPRENEURS history: Batch #13! Out of a total of 259 start-ups in our application funnel, we chose 45 teams to pitch in 5 days. Now, we’re proud to present the 24 start-ups that made it into Batch #13.

Dr Josef Boeck Nemetschek Innovationsstiftung Tanja Kufner Nemetschek Group Prof Dr Helmut Schoenenberger CEO at Munich Urban Colab Copyright Charlotte Karsch

Nemetschek Group sponsors XPRENEURS Incubator Track at UnternehmerTUM to Drive Innovation in the Construction Industry

The Nemetschek Group, a leading global provider of software for the AEC/O and media & entertainment industries, is sponsoring a track within the XPRENEURS program at UnternehmerTUM, Europe’s leading center for innovation and business creation at Technical University of Munich (TUM).

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