XPRENEURS is an incubator for high-tech start-ups. In our 3-month full-time program, we support you on your way into the market – by helping you to validate your business model, connecting you to your first customers and securing your first investment.


You are a start-up and want to be part of XPRENEURS?

Applications for XPRENEURS are currently closed. Leave us your email address here and we will remind you when the next application phase starts in Winter 2021!

Watch our start-ups pitch at Ultimate Demo Day 2021

Whether you are on the lookout for your portfolio start-up, investor or project partner – join our Ultimate Demo Day on December 9, 2021, and get to the next level of your innovation journey!

Enter an inspiring event with selected members of the international UnternehmerTUM ecosystem and look forward to crisp pitches from our XPRENEURS Batch #10 teams.

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XPRENEURS in a minute

Your benefits

  • Direct access to decision-makers in some of the largest German Fortune 500 companies
  • Mentorship by Germany‘s and Europe‘s most successful tech entrepreneurs
  • Access to ‘MakerSpace’, Europe's largest publicly accessible high-tech workshop
  • Prototyping grants of up to 5,000 EUR per team (application and selection via the Initiative for Industrial Innovators)
  • Office Space in in the brand-new Munich Urban Colab, or in the TUM Incubator in Garching

The 3-month program is completely geared to your team‘s stage of development and needs. Towards the end of the XPRENEURS program, you will be ready to enter the market.

The XPRENEURS program is free of charge. We also take no equity.


Scale your company, sharpen your business plan, set up your sales organisation and find investors.

Embrace the Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Intense review and development of your business model
  • Weekly 1:1 sessions with the XPRENEURS program team
  • Ongoing exchange with other founders participating in the program
Benefit from your Companion
  • Matched personal companion supporting your journey
  • Companions bring in specific industry know-how and networks
  • Individual mentorship during and after the XPRENEURS program
Learn from Experience
  • Bi-weekly founder insights provided by experienced entrepreneurs
  • Insights on Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Team etc.
  • Experience only - 100% actionable
Get your Pitch right
  • Intensive pitch and presentation training
  • Making your business understandable for anyone – easy as 123
  • Getting you prepared for the Demo Day where you will meet with potential customers and investors


The XPRENEURS program is open to many different business ideas and models - but we can accept only the very best start-ups. To be selected, applying start-ups should fufil two main criteria:

  • A business model based on a high-tech innovation (see examples below)
  • A complete and fully committed team, ready to participate in the program full-time

We select our teams in a 3-stage process: online application, pre-selection, and pitching in front of the team.

XPRENEURS is designed for high-tech entrepreneurs

We are keen to work with early-stage start-ups with a strong high-tech focus! Some examples for the technology fields XPRENEURS teams in our Batches have developed solutions for:

Smart City


Smart Enterprise

Software & Hardware

Medical Technology

Specific technologies of interest are Software and Hardware, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Robotics and Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR).

However, if you are working on a technology-based business that is not included in this list, don't hesitate to apply! We are looking forward to seeing creative and groundbreaking solutions in all technology fields.

Key dates for Batch #10

XPRENEURS Batch #10 Timeline

Application deadline:
July 19

Selection pitches:
August 2-3

Acceptance or rejection for Batch #10:
By August 10

Batch start with Offsite and Kickoff events:
September 1-2

December 9

You are a start-up and want to be part of XPRENEURS?

Applications for XPRENEURS are currently closed. Leave us your email address here and we will remind you when the next application phase starts in Winter 2021!

What alumni of XPRENEURS say about the program

  • Edwin Sauer, Founder of zesavi
    Edwin Sauer
    XPRENEURS is by far Munich's best start-up program!
  • Fabiola Munguia, Founder of Requestee
    Fabiola Munguia
    XPRENEURS is learning to be hands-on and agile with the help of great mentors and companions.
  • Viktor Sommer, Founder of Black Tea Motorbikes
    Viktor Sommer
    Black Tea Motorbikes
    XPRENEURS is an ambitious team that helped me to get on the right track with a lot of inspiring people, interesting workshops & the right coaching.
  • Grigory Emelianov, Founder of requestee
    Grigory Emelianov
    XPRENEURS is not an incubator, it's family of top-notch entrepreneurs with only one goal - to help you find the product-market-fit and scale fast in good and bad times.
  • Karl Schulz, Founder of Angsa Robotics
    Karl Schulz
    Angsa Robotics
    XPRENEURS means joining an empowering community of entrepreneurs!
  • Dr. Ulrich Jahnke, Founder of Additive Marking
    Dr. Ulrich Jahnke
    Additive Marking
    The XPRENEURS program is powered by a great team that has helped us greatly in developing the marketability of our product and supported us in the business and legal aspects of the VC negotiations.
  • Federico Acosta, Founder of Custom Surgical
    Federico Acosta
    Custom Surgical
    XPRENEURS is the perfect launching platform for start-ups, great environment with all the needed information for success.
  • Julia Moosbauer, Co-Founder deepc
    Julia Moosbauer
    We experienced XPRENEURS as the go-to deep tech accelerator: great events, outstanding mentors, valuable contacts and the tremendously supportive XPRENEURS team behind.
  • Thomas Reiher, Co-Founder & CEO of AMendate GmbH
    Thomas Reiher
    XPRENERUS is a perfect platform to learn how to get startup things running and to get in touch with many promising people and companies.
  • Cecilia Chiolerio, Founder of TWOSTAY
    Cecilia Chiolerio
    XPRENEURS is the place to be to get useful directions, great network and a motivating work environment to bring your business to the next step.
  • Florian Bauer, Co-Founder of kiteKRAFT
    Florian Bauer
    XPRENEURS offers excellent and very relevant workshops e.g. on startup funding and term sheet negotiations – it is almost a must for founders with a research background.
  • David Dohmen, Co-Founder & Data Science Lead at Ocell
    David Dohmen
    XPRENEURS knows what startups need: Valuable workshops, coachings and learnings.
  • Christopher Helm, Co-Founder & CEO at Konfuzio
    Christopher Helm
    XPRENEURS is a melting pot of inspiring characters and latest technologies.
  • Florian Zyprian, CTO at Konfuzio
    Florian Zyprian
    XPRENEURS is a flexible support ecosystem that takes your startup to the next level - without wasting your time.
  • Cornelius Filbry, Founder & CEO at BlitzMinds
    Cornelius Filbry
    XPRENEURS is an opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs to learn, acquire impont network and follow up on their respective businesses in a highly supportive and challenging ecosystem.
  • Till Rickert, Co-Founder & CTO of sewts
    Till Rickert
    Apart from many interesting workshops, XPRENEURS' great team helped us developing the entrepreneurial mindset necessary to turn an idea into a successful company.
  • AMendate - Gereon Deppe
    Gereon Deppe
    The XPRENEURS programme brings in everything a growing start-up needs: A great network, experienced coaches and a focus on entrepreneurship with sustainable success.
  • Cristiano Estrada, Founder Cabasus GmbH
    Cristiano Estrada
    Cabasus GmbH
    Dynamic team with a diverse set of skills and willingness to steer you to your true north.
  • Dr. Juan Leonardo Martínez, CEO & Founder Colorimetrix
    Dr. Leo Martinez
    XPRENEURS is to Munich startups, what SpaceX is to rockets.
  • Jan Titze, CEO & Founder at Jalu
    Jan Titze
    A great program focusing on the individual needs of your startup.
  • Veronika Schweighart, Co-Founder & COO at Climedo Health
    Veronika Schweighart
    Climedo Health
    With XPRENEURS, our startup reached the next level within just three months. The team and coaches behind the program are experienced, founder-focused, hands-on, and truly entrepreneurial.
  • Lukas Mohs, Co-Founder & CTO at RideBee
    Lukas Mohs
    The XPRENEURS Incubator program gathers participating teams into a small tech family by providing insightful talks, workshops and an astonishing office space.
  • Ekaterina Grib
    "It is incredible what the right people and the right environment can help you to create in just three months! Great ecosystem, experienced advisers and valuable support."
  • Felix Lill
    "XPRENEURS is THE incubation program in Munich: they stand for a team of highly motivated, experienced and professional supporters for young startups, which solve problems needed to take further steps instead of burden startups with administrative hurdles."
  • Christian Feuerbacher
    "XPRENEURS really puts the focus on the entrepreneurs and their ventures byoffering them everything needed to support them in their individual stage."
  • Johannes Müller
    "Very founder-friendly and flexible - exactly as a young company needs it."
  • Alexander Schmitt
    "XPRENEURS truly puts entrepreneurs first, through a superb network, an outstanding operations team and supporting but critical coaches. What makes XPRENEURS absolutely outstanding are the people behind the program."
  • Felix Brombacher
    Crashtest Security
    "Great incubator where advancing the business had always the highest priority and the team always provided very valuable and honest feedback."

Meet our start-up teams

Happy Ocean Foods
Happy Ocean Foods

Happy Ocean Foods develops tasty, healthy and sustainable plant-based seafood, using algae as a main ingredient.
More ...


requestee is an online B2B marketplace that connects SMEs with vetted pentesting companies in a simple and fast way.
More ...


With Neo as their digital assistant, employees can use text or speech to direct their software systems and tools.
More ...

Join XPRENEURS as a supporter or industry partner

You are an experienced entrepreneur, industry expert, or investor? We offer you a unique opportunity to get access to the most fascinating tech innovations. Benefits for partners include:

  • Early access to disruptive technologies and business models in your industry
  • Attractive partnerships with tech start-ups and visionary entrepreneurs
  • Informal exchange with other players in your industry on how to successfully cooperate with start-ups
  • Incubation of your own teams: Assess your employees‘ ideas and validate business models
  • Active participation and visibility in the Munich tech start-up ecosystem

See the future of your industry. Become an XPRENEURS partner!


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Managing Partner

Christine Heuwing
Managing Partner

Martin Giese
Senior Start-up Coach

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Venture Consultant & Project Manager

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Venture Consultant & Project Manager

Michaela Reimann
Team & Event Manager

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Marketing & Community Manager

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