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€902+ M

are raised by our teams

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At XPRENEURS Incubator, you get the chance to turbocharge your start-up with the team’s entrepreneurial expertise and huge network. In our 3-month program we help you validate your business model, win your first customers and secure your first investment.

  • Batch #12 is running from September 7, 2022 - December 8, 2022
  • Application deadline is on July 10, 2022
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Female Founders

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successful exits to date

€902+ M

are raised by our teams

> 70%

participants receive funding from professional VCs

Vc 10x Group
Vc Acton Capital Partners
Vc alstin capital
Vc Atlantic Labs
Vc Auxxo
Vc Bayern Kapital
Vc btov
Vc burda principal investments
Vc Capnamic
Vc cherry ventures
Vc coparion
Vc Earlybird
Vc Freigeist
Vc Hightech Gruenderfonds
Vc hv capital
Vc Initiative for Industrial Innovators
Vc Join Capital
Vc Lakestar
Vc matterwave ventures
Vc nauta capital
Vc Open Ocean
Vc picus
Vc project a
Vc Speedinvest
Vc Target Partners
Vc UVC Partners
Vc Vsquared Ventures
Vc worldfund
Vc 468 capital

We are constantly striving to increase diversity in our teams


international teams


teams with female founders

This is how we support female founders

Women in Germany found start-ups less frequently and often get stuck in the first stages of founding. This is something we want to change.

With the UnternehmerTUM Female Founders Office Hours initiative, we at XPRENEURS want to support female founders through these early stages:

  • With the help of high-quality feedback and
  • mentoring from top level experts in various areas.

We are supported in this mission by strong partners such as UVC, Women Start-up, Nauta Capital, and the Female Investor Network, who offer office hours alongside XPRENEURS.

Are you a female founder and need support? Book a session via typeform with our experts. We are looking forward to supporting you!

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About UnternehmerTUM

XPRENEURS is part of UnternehmerTUM, Europe's largest center for start-ups and innovation. Our broad ecosystem enables us to incubate the strongest teams.

Your success is our mission.
These are our stories.

More stories
Deep Driev Protoype

DeepDrive – Rethinking electric mobility

DeepDrive provides high-tech solutions to the e-mobility space to make EVs more efficient, sustainable and affordable.

Start up xhibition batch 11

Let's celebrate - 5 years of XPRENEURS

5 years have passed since XPRENEURS’s very first Batch. Over the past 5 years, 21 start-ups from Batch #1 grew to a total of 174 start-ups across 11 Batches that we were able to support as an incubator.


Exit for DirectFEM - Hyperganic Group acquires the start-up

DirectFEM joins Hyperganic just in time for the public launch of Hyperganic Core 3 in June.

Sub Capitals Product

How Sub Capitals is changing investing with AI

Building up the first Mobile Asset Manager based on Artificial Intelligence. Or as the team of Sub Capitals calls it: Neo Investing.

Nature Forest

Tanso - We enable a low-carbon economy

Tanso makes sustainability accounting and management for industrial companies integrated, transparent, and verifiable.

Tina Ruseva

How to foster diversity in the start-up ecosystem - with Dr. Tina Ruseva

As an entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and writer Dr. Tina Ruseva inspires many people out there. We discussed with her the importance of mentoring and how to increase diversity in the start-up ecosystem.

Ubi Master learning

ubiMaster - Personal tutor on-demand

ubiMaster offers unlimited, on-demand digital access to a personal tutor for a flatrate.

Vyoma background

Vyoma - Increasing confidence in space with in-situ debris tracking & AI

Vyoma delivers safe and automated satellite operations through space-based cameras & AI, drastically reducing mission costs.

Clypp app

Clypp - Knowledge Sharing within Companies through Personalized Video Tutorials

Clypp enables to easily create and share personalized video tutorials across company channels.

Eco mio background

eco.mio - Reducing Travel Costs and CO2 Emissions by Rewarding Employees

eco.mio rewards employees who help their company save costs and CO2 emissions on their business trips.