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Kick-off! Batch #7 of the EIT Food Accelerator Network launched

EIT FAN Kickoff photo

Sunny moments, steep and exhausting climbs, and an unexpected hailstorm that left the entire group soaked - our kick-off hike of the EIT FAN program perfectly mirrored the startup journey.

The unpredictable weathers were also a tangible reminder why this Batch's motto, Future-Proof Agriculture, matters more than ever today.

Over 3 months, the European start-ups selected for the EIT FAN Munich Hub hosted by XPRENEURS will work on industry-changing solutions ranging from smart farming and modern pest control to autonomous field robots and phosphorus recovery from wastewater.

We're thrilled to introduce to you the winning 10 out of 100 applications:

  • Agcurate - Accurate & Rich Rural Intelligence for Agribusiness
    Agcurate provides accurate and rich rural agricultural intelligence as a service to agribusiness, agri-finance and governments via their platform and APIs. They use various sources of satellite imagery and power their platform with proprietary machine learning algorithms.

  • Agricom Solutions - Data-driven solutions for agriculture
    Agricom is on a mission to transform the agriculture industry by addressing key challenges and empowering farmers with aggregated data-driven solutions.

  • Amatera Biosciences - Sustaining Coffee and Perennial Crops
    Amatera accelerates the natural evolution of plants to create the coffee and perennial crop varieties of tomorrow.

  • CinSOIL - Bringing CO2 from Atmosphere to Soil
    CinSOIL, pronounced [kɪn-sɔɪl], is developing an AI-based software tool that supports AgriFood businesses insetting carbon emissions at the farm level.

  • Elaniti - Your blueprint for health soil
    Elaniti provides key decision making information, enabling growers and organisations to achieve optimal crop outcomes by improving their soil health. Utilizing applied machine learning, they are developing proprietary statistical models that predict key crop outcomes based on soil biology, physico-chemistry and nutrient composition.

  • E-TERRY - Rethinking agricultural machinery through robots
    E-TERRY is re-thinking agricultural machinery by building a small-scale, cost-efficient and universally usable robot which is suited to harsh environments. Open-system, autonomous, light, foldable, and variable in height and track width - the E-TERRY adapts to all needs and conditions.

  • Fungit Biosolutions - Probiotics for plants
    Fungit's mission is to improve global food security by extending fruit & vegetable shelf life and improving crop yield, using fungal based micro-organisms as sustainable and effective biocontrol agents.

  • iComplai - AI-powered food safety risk management
    iComplai integrates highly-dimensional data streams to predict the food safety risks in any supply chain.

  • NOOVI - First-of-a-kind marking pheromones for safe & affordable pest control
    To ensure the sustainability and resiliency of our food system, Noovi is developing a new tool for growers' toolbox to help them combat pest damage. Noovi brings a globally unique line of marking pheromones "Pheromark™" that prevent pests from laying eggs on crops, without any negative impact on the planet and human health.

  • P-Agro Minerals - Recovering Phosphorus from Wastewater for fertilizer purposes
    P-Agro Minerals develops an affordable technology that recovers Phosphorus from wastewater in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, enabling the use of P-Agro directly as a fertilizer in agriculture.

During the program, the start-ups will also have the chance to work with our corporate partners, all of them leaders in the agrifood industry across Europe - Bayer Crop Science, Tesco, Lantmännen, Südzucker Group, Corteva, Andalou Efes and Mondelez.

EIT FAN Demo Day 2024
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We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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