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Neohelden - A Digital AI-Assitant For Enterprise Use-Cases


How would you describe your business idea to a potential investor?

We, the Neohelden, are developing Neo, the digital AI-assistant for business. He’s much like Alexa or Siri, but geared especially for enterprise use-cases. Employees can use text or speech to chat with Neo to manage and direct their software systems and tools. To fill the digital assistant Neo with “life”, we provide the Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform. It allows medium-sized businesses and corporations to “build” and configure their own digital assistants to personalise them for every employee and use-case.

What problem do you want to solve, what is your goal?

Employees are under constant stress due to a continuous flow of information and tasks. The amount and complexity of different software systems, tasks and processes are a major contributor in this. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of everything and use the available tool-sets efficiently. This makes it way more difficult for employees to concentrate on their key tasks — which demotivates and increases dissatisfaction. With Neo as their digital assistant, they can control and query all of their tools, machines, and systems via text or speech with a single interface.

How did you come up with your idea/concept?

Philipp Csernalabics and Dr. Kiryo Abraham, “combined” their competences and analysed which solutions were well received and had high resonance in the B2C sector. Based on that analysis, the three founders had the idea to develop a digital assistant for enterprise use-cases that would support employees in their daily work.

Neo digital assistant
Neo, the digital assistant for employees.

What is your business model?

In contrast to the solutions of multinational IT-houses, our digital assistant doesn’t need a drawn-out project, worth millions, to be introduced and set up. We can evaluate the use of Neo, all the measurable added value and results together with our customers within a very short time frame. This can be done with an iterative process in an easy to use, “low-code” configuration interface. The Neohelden offers and pricing structure are divided into three sections: product package, setup & launch, and individualisation. This enables focused billing, clearer presentation and pricing, as well as an obvious clarification of the legal situation. This structure allows our customers to have a clear overview of where the line between a product or project deal is, what the daily rates are for, and what is paid for the product itself.

What are the customers’ benefits?

Neo can be adapted and connected to the specific processes, machines, and systems in any business with the Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform, a low-code drag & drop interface. The basic configuration can be done by the customer themselves — mostly without having to have deep programming experience — and offers ideal conditions for realising versatile and complex use-cases. Within 12 weeks, we build a testable solution with our customers, and test it with actual end-users. Doing so, our customer and we have a much better picture and actual proof of the value an assistant adds to their processes.

What is your USP compared to competitors?

Neo interacts with users cross-platform, meaning he runs on diverse smartphones (iOS and Android), desktop devices (macOS, Windows, and Linux), smart-glasses, the Pepper-Robot, and vehicles. This covers most devices that already exist in businesses. Neo can also be operated from business internal infrastructure (on-premises), even on-device, when necessary, which means that transaction data stays with the specific users, guaranteeing high data sovereignty. Being able to be operated offline — many exciting use-cases don’t allow for a continuous internet connection — generates the option to use Neo even when no connection to a server is available. This is where we differ from our competitors!

Neohelden team
The neohelden-team.

How big is the market you’re addressing?

The market for digital assistants is still very young. Tech-giants like Amazon, Google or Apple are currently targeting private users with their assistants, granting their digital assistants like Alexa and Siri swift access to many peoples’ homes and daily lives. This development became possible through a rapid improvement in speech recognition and processing in recent years, making interactions with digital assistants easier. Digital assistants are also gaining a foothold in business environments: many customer requests on websites are handled by bots, which find answers to those requests using artificial intelligence. But it’s not only as chat-bots on websites that digital assistants found their way into businesses. They can take over diverse tasks within businesses and be used in many different use-cases like maintenance, booking and customer support.

Why did you decide to work with XPRENEURS?

XPRENEURS doesn’t only enjoy good standing within the startup-community in Bavaria; they built a reputation reaching further than just the borders of Bayern and Germany which generates interest from many startups. We have heard positive feedback about the team, program, and support of XPRENEURS from many different sources. Additionally, XPRENEURS has an almost infinite network through UnternehmerTUM, which can be of great use for startups.

You can get more information about neohelden on their website or follow them on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, XING and Youtube.

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