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Ridetronic - The E-Bike Revolution

Ridetronic background

How would you describe your business idea to a potential investor?

We want to help our customers to regain their urban freedom. Therefore we are offering a super light e-Bike with a fully integrated and invisible drive system. Our solution perfectly combines the benefits of an ordinary and an electric bike. Due to our innovative drive technology, the TronicDrive, it just weighs 13 kg and is half as heavy as conventional models.

Ridetronic product

What problem do you want to solve, what is your goal?

We believe that time can be better spent than being stuck in traffic jams. Our product gives people the opportunity to reach every of their destinations quick, independent and yet fully relaxed. Don’t make your daily trips being a hustle — be delighted by a great and sustainable riding experience.

How did you come up with your idea/concept?

The idea came to us, while we were stuck in the city’s rush hour traffic. Day after day we were completely annoyed by the increasing urban traffic volume. Since nobody of us had the opportunity to shower at work, cycling was not an option. After research we found no available e-bikes, which were light, elegant and powerful at the same time. All e-bikes had clunky drive components, which made them unnecessarily heavy and totally change their classical bike design. Moreover, due to their great weight, they can only be ridden with electrical support. So we decided to develop our own electric drive system, light, powerful and perfectly integrated.

Ridetronic founders

What is your business model?

We want to sell our e-Bike via the Ridetronic Webshop. The product distribution will be supported by the Ridetronic Ambassadors, a student network, who get e-Bikes from us for free, in order to offer test rides to potential customers. If the customer decides to purchase a bike, the ambassadors get a sales commission. Hence we can offer flexible point of sales and eliminate the intermediate trade.

Is it possible to connect the bike lights with the TronicDrive Battery?

The TronicDrive provides connections for USB devices like lights, smartphones and other gadgets, which can be directly charged via our battery unit.

Ridetronic product 2

Why did you decide to work with XPRENEURS?

XPRENEURS supports us in developing our business model by providing excellent mentorship and coaching. The great network allows us to get in contact with successful start-ups and experts in different areas.

Get more information about Ridetronic on their website or check out their Facebook.

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