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Trends and Statistics XPRENEURS Applications Batch #12

Statistic Batch 12

Our application phase of Batch #12 was a great success: Compared to the previous Batch with a number of 205 applications, this time we received a total of 257 applications from various industries. Thanks to our constantly growing network, more and more people are learning about XPRENEURS and our program. And of course, the success stories of the 189 start-ups we've incubated over the past 5 years have played a big part.

Exciting patterns and newcomers

Among the applications for Batch #12, we’ve spotted some exciting patterns: Over half of the ventures were based on AI technologies. Furthermore, we saw a strong trend towards sustainability, impact driven start-ups. On top of that, we could see some interesting newcomers popping up: More and more start-ups who are working on Quantum technologies and solutions in the fields of Legal Tech and Web 3.0 applied this time. The most frequent industries the start-ups were targeting were Food, Agro and BioTech and Mobility.

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Domain Areas Statistic Batch #12

Attracting more female founders

One thing made us particularly happy: We were able to inspire more female founders to apply for Batch #12.This time there were 26.7% applications from female founders. Last batch, it was 17.5%. Therefore, this time we managed to attract roughly 10% more female founders to apply.

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Female Founders Statistic Batch #12

Of course, that doesn't mean we're satisfied with that. We aim to further strengthen female entrepreneurship and continue to do so with our Female Founders Office Hours. With this initiative we are supporting female founders with high-quality feedback and mentoring from top level experts in various areas. In this mission we are supported by strong partners such as UVC Partners, Women Start-up, Nauta Capital, and the Female Investors Network. Female founders can book a session with our experts here.

Now we're excited to see what this week will bring as pitches are currently running. On Wednesday evening, we'll know more about which start-ups are in our Batch #12. Stay tuned!

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Charlotte Karsch

Charlotte Karsch

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