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Streavent - A Toolbox For Virtual & Hybrid Events


How would you describe your business idea to a potential investor?

Streavent is the software-toolbox for virtual and hybrid events, made in Germany. With us, the platforms for digital events can be easily configured and adapted to each customer’s individual branding and functionality. No matter if it is a lecture, conference or workshop. With our toolbox, we can implement a perfect solution quickly and easily for every customer.

What problem do you want to solve, what is your goal?

Due to various challenges (flight cancelled, travel costs, physical disturbances) people cannot participate in analogous events. This causes trouble for event hosts and companies. Current solutions (Zoom, Skype) do not have the functionality and branding claim of our customers.

Streavent founders
The founders of Streavent (from left to right): Felix Schwencke, Lennart Paul, and Lysander Homm.

How did you come up with your idea/concept?

The founders of Streavent (Felix Schwenke, Lennart Paul, and Lysander Homm) were all about to start their semester abroad but had to come back to Germany due to the spreading Coronavirus. The three founders recognized the new opportunity offered by digital solutions in the events market, and carried out the first pilot projects with various event organizers in the same month.

What is your business model?

We charge our customers a licence fee for the setup of the event platform and an additional variable fee based on the amount of participants and event duration. Additionally we offer technical support and equipment.

Streavent example

Who are your customers?

Our product has convinced numerous well-known German customers and partners in a very short time. We support companies, political institutions and educational institutions such as the SPD-Bundestagsfraktion, Philips, vdTÜV, DVGW-Kongress and the Deutsche Messe Technology Academy.

What challenges do you see in the upcoming months?

Our goal is to further automate our software and our operational processes. We believe this is the basis for further growth and success of the company.

Streavent screen

What happens after Corona with digital events?

Like our customers, we are also convinced that there are many use cases for digital events after Corona. Hybrid events in particular are increasingly in demand. We are convinced that we are just at the beginning of a major development in the event market.

Why did you decide to work with XPRENEURS?

As the program focuses on early stage startups and the XPRENEURS network consists of experienced startup mentors who can give valuable feedback, it is just the right program for us. We see this program as an opportunity to grow, implement better processes within the company and share experiences with other startups.

You can get more information about Streavent on their website.

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