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XPRENEURS Annual Report 2023

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A few words from the managing partners.

“The heart and soul of our mission are the entrepreneurs of the 250+ startups we've had the privilege of supporting."

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What a ride it’s been! Munich has become a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, and we're right in the middle of it. Largely thanks to the vibrant ecosystem we’ve helped cultivate.

We’ve been on this incredible journey, transforming XPRENEURS into a leading incubator for high-tech startups and have come a long way. It's all thanks to the incredible support from our community, sponsors, partners, and of course, our dedicated team.

The heart and soul of our mission are the entrepreneurs of the 250+ startups we've had the privilege of supporting since the inception of XPRENEURS. They are out there, making big bets to solve real-world problems. They are the ones driving meaningful change and embody the spirit of innovation.

Looking back at 2023, we’re very proud! The growth and achievements we've witnessed are evidence of the effectiveness of our support and the potential of our startups.

We invite you to explore our detailed report for an in-depth view of our 2023 milestones and the impact we’ve collectively made in the tech world.

– Barbara and Christine
Managing Partners at
XPRENEURS by UnernehmerTUM

“What startups need the most is in our DNA.”

From Then to Now: Our Journey

2017 - XPRENEURS is designed as a program "by founders for founders" with a focus on individual coaching & startup needs and strong entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurially minded financial supporters such as Heinz-Hermann Thiele & Nixdorf Foundation join in.

2018 - Heavy investment in building community surrounding XPRENEURS incl. mentors and investors; networking events quickly attracting "who is who" of the German entrepreneurship ecosystem.

2019 - customized programs for EIT Food, and a partnership with Weconomy start. The Deep Tech Alliance of leading deeptech incubators is established with partners such as DTU Science Park, ETH Zurich, Polihub Milano.

2020 - Tailored programs for EIT Urban Mobility and EU Horizon Scaleup4Europe for scaleups with adjustments to hybrid and virtual formats kick-off. The first Ultimate Demo Day in collaboration with the whole UnternehmerTUM ecosystem takes place with an opening speech by Susanne Klatten.

2021 - Coworking space at the newly built Munich Urban Colab, a joint initiative of the City of Munich and UnternehmerTUM, opens and is offered to all XPRENEURS teams. The XCONNECT event formats for networking with Mentors, Inventors, and Alumni start. The Mentors’ Network grew from 20 to 150 mentors (today >300).

2022 - The LegalTech track starts in collaboration with the legal tech colab, and strong collaborations are born with the TUM Venture Labs. Consistent partnership opportunities for deal flow access, knowledge access and teams access kick-off. Burda Principal Investments (BPI) and Microsoft join as strategic partners.

2023 - The Built Environment Track powered by Nemetschek and XLab track designed for scientists and researchers into entrepreneurship are established. The first Diversity Start-up Night launches with Nauta Capital and UVC Partners; along the Fireside Chat and the Tech Meets Politics events positioning events.

A Deep Dive into the XPRENEURS Statistics.

Collectively our startups had raised €1.5Bn in equity funding

Up to this point, 250 start-ups have successfully joined our initiative. Yet, our program maintains a very selective acceptance rate of ~10%. This reflects our careful scouting and focus on selecting only the most high-potential ventures.

In 2023, we welcomed a record of 47 new start-ups into our core program. This year marked the introduction of two new tracks, resulting in the subdivision of Batch #14. Five startups on the built environment track, four embarked on the XLab track, and 14 followed the regular track. The industry fields represented in the cohort of 2023 spanned among others Quantum Technologies, AI, Aerospace, Industry 4.0, Cybersecurity, Energy, Transportation, DesignTech, Legal Tech, Food Tech and Agri Tech.

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Figure 1: Cumulative number of XPRENEURS Start-ups
Figure 2: Absolute number of XPRENEURS Start-ups

Being part of the XPRENEURS program has greatly boosted their value. This has caught the eyes of investors and made these startups stand out in their industries. The success of these startups really shows how much our support, resources, and guidance at XPRENEURS help them grow. By helping these companies grow, XPRENEURS has created a great environment for startups to succeed, making Munich a key place for high-value tech businesses. As evidence of this, in 2023, a significant milestone was achieved, our start-ups successfully secured a total cumulative funding of €1.5Bn.

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Figure 3: Full-time Equivalent created by our Start-ups (2017-2023)
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Figure 4: Average Revenue per year (Mn EUR)
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Figure 5: Cumulative equity financing (Mn EUR)
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Figure 6: Absolute equity financing by year (Mn EUR)

Empowering Female Founders.

The leading female founders of XPRENEURS

At XPRENEURS, we're committed to achieving gender balance, especially in boosting female founder representation. We're focused on creating an equitable environment in the startup world. In 2023, a significant number of our startups had female co-founders and CEOs. Batch #14, our latest batch saw 43.5% female founders, we managed to increase it over the years. This shows our dedication to diversity and empowering women in leadership roles. We're actively working to support women in entrepreneurship by offering targeted mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities, aiming to level the playing field and help them succeed.

The present is female - our female founders

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Figure 7: Percentage of female founders in batch #14, 2023

What start-ups have to say about us.

We place a significant emphasis on the satisfaction of the start-ups that are part of our dynamic ecosystem. We carefully observe and track the metrics that measure the likelihood of our start-ups recommending our program to others, such as the last registered Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 83.

Keeping a close eye on our NPS isn't just a formality—it's our way of staying connected with what startups, our customers, truly value. Startup feedback helps us fine-tune our offerings, making sure we deliver experiences that go beyond expectations and create lasting connections.

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Our offers.

At XPRENEURS, we're proud to be your partner in innovation. In every endeavor, XPRENEURS is committed to empowering your success. Here's to another year of growth and collaboration! Check our XPRENEURS activities here:


Apply now! Deadline is January 22, 2024!


Look into our vibrant network.


Explore our neighbor programs here.


Learn more about these tracks.


Read more about our partner programs.


Explore the XPRENEURS job board.


Read the job description here.

Our Team.

Within the heart of XPRENEURS lies an exceptional team, characterized by a harmonious blend of diverse talents and backgrounds but with the same passion for entrepreneurship.

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We take immense pride in acknowledging the integral role played by our esteemed partners and financial supporters in fueling the success story of XPRENEURS. Their unwavering commitment and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in shaping our journey, empowering us to achieve milestones and drive innovation.

As we embark on this shared venture, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to these dedicated collaborators who stand by us in our pursuit of excellence.

Commencing our journey as partners, they have not only supported us with indispensable financial resources, but have also played a pivotal role in establishing a robust network of mentors, coaches, and figures of influence within the industry.

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Closing Thoughts and Key Findings.

Dear valued partners, startups, and supporters of XPRENEURS,

We are delighted to share XPRENEURS Annual Report 2023 - a reflection of our combined dedication, resilience and outstanding steps during rapidly changing times. As we look back on the past year and the 6 years of XPRENEURS history, it becomes evident that our efforts and strategic initiatives fostered a space for ambitious start-ups to thrive and reach for their successes.

Our agility in adapting to a swiftly changing landscape has been a pivotal factor in our success. As the future appears highly unpredictable particularly in technological advancements, our adaptive capacity and open-mindedness guided us to the most promising start-ups.

Thank you for one more year of success, we look forward to 2024 and what the future will bring to our Munich startup ecosystem, Germany, and Europe as a whole.