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Say hi to XPRENEURS Batch #12

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We're thrilled to announce our XPRENEURS Batch #12! Out of a total of 257 applications, 17 teams made it. Last week, we watched 33 start-ups pitching their ideas. Together with the TUM Venture Labs we selected these amazing teams: ActiTrexx, AVES Reality, BAVERTIS, Certivity, The Data Q Company, ease, EpiQMAx, ExoMatter, Hapticlabs, HYVIATE, LENICURA, OCOS, Organifarms, Roundpeg Technologies, QuantumDiamonds, tozero,

Overview batch 12
This is Batch #12!
  • ActiTrexx develops the cell therapy product ATreg to prevent graft-vs-host-disease and aims for a curative therapy for patients with blood stem cell transplantation.

  • AVES Reality creates a virtual copy of the earth - ready for simulation, gaming and more.

  • BAVERTIS: AI-controlled Power Electronics for electric vehicles, which generates and evaluates battery data, to make the maximum battery capacity available at any time to increase battery life time and safety.

  • Certivityoffers SaaS to connect the legal and regulatory world to the engineering processes, resulting in a smarter, safer, more transparent and cost-effective management of regulatory requirements.

  • The Data Q Company: Enabling data excellence for their customers - better engagement, better data, better decisions.

  • ease: By leveraging autonomous cooking technology they prepare healthy, convenient and yet still affordable ready-to-eat meals that are uniquely tailored to the individual needs of every single customer.

  • EpiQMAx produces digital testing solutions for accurate lifestyle assessment based on individual epigenetic traits.

  • ExoMatter: Their AI-based SaaS platform digitizes and accelerates material development and makes it more sustainable.

  • Hapticlabs: Create custom haptic feedback for any device with the help of Hapticlabs. Their toolkit allows you to prototype, evaluate and implement tangible interactions without requiring any previous expertise.

  • HYVIATE is developing high density hydrogen storage systems to decarbonize aviation and other hard to abate sectors.

  • LENICURA: With their products, services and entrepreneurial spirit, they want to make sure that Hidradenitis suppurativa is not a life defining disease anymore.

  • Ocos: Ocos has developed the first ever Hybrid Intelligence platform, uniting Human- and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Organifarms: Developing automation technology to take indoor farming to the next level!

  • Roundpeg Technologies: Building robots that are fast and safe for collaboration in manufacturing.

  • QuantumDiamonds: Developing and sell so-called quantum sensors that enable a new level of sensitivity and precision compared to classical, mechanical sensors.

  • tozero: Recycling lithium-ion batteries for the EV Industry. We are facing a ↑>30% CAGR required recycling capacity and by 2030 there will be over 15m tonnes cumulatively of lithium-ion batteries reaching end-of-life globally and 1m tonnes in Europe alone. Additionally, the expected 20x growth in lithium-ion battery production will cause a shortage of the critical metals of which Europe has scarce primary sources resulting in high dependency from imports and price spikes.

  • Germany is to become climate-neutral even faster - which is not only an ecological issue, but also one of security policy with regard to Russia. The "elephant in the room" is heat. Here we are 80 % dependent on fossil gas, oil and coal. A good place to start is urban district heating, but it needs to become more efficient, transparent and green. The generation, distribution and consumption of heat must be optimally coordinated. This is what takes care of.

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Charlotte Karsch

Charlotte Karsch

Marketing Manager