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Batch #13 - Let’s kick it off!

Batch 13

We're thrilled to announce one of the largest batches in XPRENEURS history: Batch #13! Out of a total of 259 start-ups in our application funnel, we chose 45 teams to pitch in 5 days. Now, we’re proud to present the 24 start-ups that made it into Batch #13. This time we also have 2 new tracks that are specifically targeted at different groups and provide more support: 4 teams made it into our Built Environment Track powered by Nemetschek which boosts outstanding early-stage start-ups in the built world. For our XLab Track, which is designed to help entrepreneurial scientists in their transition from lab to market, we also selected 5 teams. Moreover, we worked very closely with Stefan Blenk to find the best teams in the Legal Tech sector - powered by Legal Tech Colab and the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice. A shoutout goes out to all experts from the TUM Venture Labs for supporting us to find strong teams among different domain areas.

Batch 13 Overview
This is Batch #13!

Let’s welcome these 24 fantastic teams:

  • anabrid | Quantum (XLab Track)

    anabrid is the German deep-tech startup developing future superfast and energy efficient analog coprocessors for IoT, HPC, AI, aviation, and more.

  • Carbon Atlantis | Clean Energy, Sustainability / Impact

    Low-cost, next-generation Direct Air Capture.

  • ContainerGrid | SaaS, Sustainability / Impact

    Automated workflows, embedded services and data-based decisions for recycling & waste management.

  • CyberDesk | Legal Tech, Cybersecurity (Legal Tech Colab)

    CyberDesk detects and remediates data security risks across your multi-cloud architecture.

  • DeltaOrbit | Aerospace

    DeltaOrbit builds the next generation of in-space rocket engines.

  • deltaVision | Aerospace

    Next generation fluid control solutions for aerospace and hydrogen mobility.

  • Lattice | Built Environment (Built Environment Track)

    Lattice is a cloud-based supply chain collaboration application for construction project.

  • mo:re | Health Tech, Bio Tech

    Making drug development 10x faster & cheaper through AI-assisted cultivation of disease models.

  • Munich Quantum Instruments | Quantum (XLab Track)

    We develop cutting-edge photonic quantum sensors, which can be applied in disruptive applications such as quantum computing.

  • Neuraspace | Aerospace

    Space Collision Avoidance with AI/ML: Neuraspace allows satellite operators to reduce operational manpower efforts, in particular for constellations.

  • Oceanflight | Sustainability / Impact

    With the ready-to-use flight controller for hydrofoilboats, Oceanflight enables customers to make fast development progress from scratch to product.

  • Point Twelve| Sustainability / Impact

    Point Twelve revolutionizes green energy certification by making it easy for energy producers to trace carbon, obtain certificates, earn money and trust from it.

  • ProteinDistillery | FoodTech

    Creating functional vegan protein from brewer's yeast.

  • Proxima Fusion | Clean Energy (XLab Track)

    Proxima Fusion develops fusion power plants based on the stellarator concept to enable the global transition to de-carbonized, cheap, and abundant energy.

  • Quantagonia | Quantum

    Quantagonia offers a hybrid quantum computing platform addressing compute-intensive fields such as AI, simulation, and optimization.

  • RYVER.AI | Health Tech, Artificial Intelligence

    RYVER.AI makes radiology AI safe for every patient providing diverse AI-generated image data.

  • SIMPL | SaaS, Artificial Intelligence (XLab Track)

    SIMPL helps SME-sized industrial service providers to plan, execute and manage their service processes (End2End) in a simple and intuitive way.

  • SmartViz | Built Environment, Artificial Intelligence (Built Environment Track)

    Digital twins for smart buildings - rethinking people, place and planet.

  • Suitcase | Legal Tech (Legal Tech Colab)

    Dispute resolution suitable to your case by creating a single platform for consumers and businesses worldwide combining multiple dispute resolution mechanisms to solve civil cases across all litigation values and legal fields.

  • SURVIOT | Built Environment (Built Environment Track)

    Let's uprade trust with real-time engineering information. SURVIOT makes structures safer by helping engineers make informed decisions.

  • SYPOX | Clean Energy

    SYPOX builds electrified hydrogen plants that have the power to save 1% of global emissions and billions in production cost.

  • Ternow | Artificial Intelligence, Aerospace (XLab Track)

    Ternow creates a 3D HD map of the earth from space. Our AI convertes satellite images into maps with 5cm accuracy relevant across industries.

  • Twin Dynamics | Built Environment, Artificial Intelligence (Built Environment Track)

    Twin Dynamics offers digital twin software solutions for creating energy conscious and healthy building spaces.

  • workride | Mobility

    Solving commuting for companies of any size. Workride revolutionizes corporate shuttles by enabling affordable and sustainable shared cross-company mobility.

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Charlotte Karsch

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