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We proudly present XPRENEURS Batch #14!

Batch #14

We're thrilled to announce our brand new XPRENEURS Batch #14! Out of a total of 263 start-ups in our application funnel, we chose 39 teams to pitch in 4 days. Now, we’re proud to present the 23 start-ups that made it into Batch #14.

In total, 5 teams made it into our Built Environment Track powered by Nemetschek which focuses on nurturing innovative and sustainable start-ups in the Built Environment domain that are leveraging AI or generative AI technologies. For our XLab Track, which is designed to help entrepreneurial scientists in their transition from lab to market, we also selected 4 teams. Moreover, we worked very closely with Stefan Blenk to find the best teams in the Legal Tech sector - powered by Legal Tech Colab and the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice. This time, 2 teams who are working on solutions in the Legal Tech sector made it into Batch #14. A shoutout goes out to all experts from the TUM Venture Labs for supporting us to find strong teams among different domain areas.

One thing which we are super happy about is that we've got a record breaking number of female founders in this batch! 39% of Batch #14 are teams with female founders!

XPR Batch 14
This is Batch #14!

Let’s welcome these 23 fantastic teams:

  • AdRegeneer | Health Tech (XLab Track)

    The mission of AdRegeneer is to bring regenerative treatments for the nervous system into the market. These treatments will enable patients to recover their lost functions after lesion due to neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis or due to a traumatic injury.

  • alteva | Clean Energy (XLab Track)

    Alteva develops and produces superior batteries that accelerate the electrification of all modes of transportation and enable the shift to 100% renewable electricity.

  • Augmented Industries | Artificial Intelligence

    The mission of Augmented Industries is to empower people, and transform manufacturing: with science-backed microlearning that is loved by operators, we improve operational excellence and unlock lifelong learning for factory employees.

  • Certchain | Artificial Intelligence, Built Environment (Built Environment Track)

    Certchain uses cutting edge technology to create and maintain a safer, higher quality, sustainable and more productive Built Environment.

  • Cyclize | Bio Tech, Sustainability / Impact

    Cyclize enables a carbon circular economy by replacing fossil feedstock using mixed plastic waste and CO2.

  • DEVS | Built Environment (Built Environment Track)

    DEVS is a technology company specializing in generative real-estate development design tools that provide advanced insights.

  • dskrpt | Legal Tech (Legal Tech Colab)

    dskrpt's mission is to guide students' readings at scale.

  • Emidat | Sustainability / Impact, Built Environment (Built Environment Track)

    Climate intelligence for construction – Emidat helps to build material manufacturers generate and distribute environmental product data.

  • factorymaker | SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, Built Environment (Built Environment Track)

    factorymaker is the AI-powered revolution for outcome-driven design of industrial buildings and production facilities.

  • Go Additive | Artificial Intelligence

    Go Additive is an AI-powered platform to generate 3D Designs unimaginable by engineers, which means products with 90% less material and 10x higher performance.

  • Maple Aviation | Artificial Intelligence, Aerospace (XLab Track)

    Maple Aviation provides a high capacity AI drone, to give drone operator and B2B companies, access to air goods transport, conform with EU regulations.

  • Medigital | Health Tech

    Medigital automates the capacity management of hospitals – saving time of doctors and nurses and increasing the hospitals’ efficiency.

  • Nature Robots | Agri Tech, Robotics

    Nature Robots aims to support regenerative and ecological agriculture through AI and robotics in harmony with nature and humans.

  • Neutron Star Systems | Aerospace

    The mission of Neutron Star Systems is to enable the next generation of spaceflight and inspire humanity for generations to come. This is done by implementing electric propulsion systems with superconductors that use unconventional cheaper propellants.

  • NTRDE | SaaS, Artificial Intelligence

    NTRDE helps chemical manufacturers, distributors, and traders to enhance buying and selling chemicals with AI-augmented decision intelligence.

  • Palasts | Artificial Intelligence, Built Environment (Built Environment Track)

    Palasts is the world's first requirements engineering platform for architects, planners, and principals.

  • Quasara | Artificial Intelligence

    Zero Labelling. Useful Data. Quasara effortlessly finds and extracts data from raw images to craft industrial Computer Vision applications.

  • Serino| Quantum (XLab Track)

    Serino's is revolutionzing the world with cutting-edge infrared quantum sensor technology, empowering humans and machines to understand the unseen, driving progress, and transforming interactions with our environment.

  • SHIT2POWER | Clean Energy, Sustainability / Impact

    The mission of SHIT2POWER is to revolutionize wastewater treatment by providing an innovative containerized solution that turns sewage sludge into renewable energy. We aim to empower small to medium-sized treatment plants, making sustainable energy production accessible, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

  • SkimAI | Artificial Intelligence

    The mission of SkimAI is to empower knowledge workers worldwide by providing an intuitive AI agent platform that enables them to effortlessly create, customize, and access highly specialized AI agents, revolutionizing productivity and unleashing the full potential of human-AI collaboration.

  • Transcality | Artificial Intelligence, Mobility

    Transcality builds a digital twin of transportation systems - a virtual replica of everything that moves around in a city.

  • twinu | Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability / Impact

    The mission of Twinu is to create a world where companies and people are empowered to use physical products in the most efficient and effective way, maximizing product lifespan and circularity, and thereby improving the climate impact of production and consumption.

  • Vestlane | Legal Tech, Fin Tech (Legal Tech Colab)

    Vestlane enables leading fund managers to run their fundraising digitally and manage compliance throughout the whole fund lifetime.

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Charlotte Karsch

Charlotte Karsch

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