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Finally revealed: XPRENEURS Batch #15!

Batch 15 Kickoff

We're thrilled to announce the reveal of our XPRENEURS Batch #15!

Batch #15 was the first one that we launched in stealth mode. Only mentors and UnternehmerTUM Investor Network Partners were able to have a sneak peek before Demo Day. It was hard to keep the radio silence when we were so excited about the teams' progress and successes during our 3-month program!

Our highly selective cohort of 20 start-ups (only 14% of all who applied were accepted!) hail from fields as diverse as biotechnology, quantum tech and, of course, all things AI and software.

5 teams made it into our Built Environment Track powered by Nemetschek which focuses on nurturing innovative and sustainable start-ups in the Built Environment domain that are leveraging AI or generative AI technologies. For our XLab Track, which is designed to help entrepreneurial scientists in their transition from lab to market, we also selected 5 teams. Two teams are part of our Legal Tech Colab. A shoutout goes out to all experts from the TUM Venture Labs for supporting us to find strong teams among different domain areas.

XPRENEURS Batch 15 Overview
This is Batch #15!

Come meet our 20 fantastic teams:

  • Alganize | #biotech #chemistry

    Alganize replaces pesticides and chemical fertilizers by using microalgae metabolites and enabling the soil microbiome.

  • Autarkize | #energy #sustainability #agriculture

    Autarkize scales a technology that can produce carbon neutral gas and in parallel permanently extract millions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

  • CareMates | #healthcare #ai #software #socialimpact

    CareMates is the AI co-pilot for patient admissions in care facilities, reducing the admission time for care givers and patients by 80%.

  • Futurail | #transportation #mobility

    Futurail enables trains to drive autonomously.

  • ImuVeo | #biotech #pharmaceutical

    ImuVeo develops a solution to visualize human T-Cells to better assess the outcome of Cancer Immunotherapies.

  • Micro Factory | #industry4.0 #manufacturing

    Micro Factory is pioneering in Resin-based 3D printing by launching a desktop machine that automates printing, washing, and curing.

  • NoMaze | #agriculture #ai

    NoMaze builds intuitive data understanding tools to help agricultural experts get new insights.

  • Protegg | #biotech

    From waste to resource: Protegg upcycles and transforms residual material into standardized resources and develops biobased innovative applications.

  • CedarDB | #ai #software | XLAB Track

    CedarDB jump-starts the future of data management with a lightning-fast SQL-based analytical and transactional database system that leaves no room for compromise.

  • Peak Quantum | #quantumtech | XLAB Track

    Peak Quantum makes quantum computing accessible by providing high-quality quantum processors to researchers and companies around the world.

  • Qkera | #sustainability #biotech #chemistry | XLAB Track

    Qkera develops solid-state electrolytes for the next generation of green, safe and high-performance batteries.

  • Radical Dot | #biotech #chemistry #sustainability | XLAB Track

    Radical Dot scalings a disruptive chemical technology that transforms unrecyclable plastic waste into essentials chemical building blocks.

  • SE3 Labs | #ai #software #B2G #builtenvironment | XLAB Track

    From pixels to deep insights: SE3 Labs develops semantic 3D digital twins and SpatialGPT for informed decision-making.

  • Howie | #builtenvironment #ai #software | Built Environment Track

    Howie is the AI co-pilot for architects, offering process monitoring on construction sites through crane cameras and AI.

  • Luccid | #builtenvironment #ai #software #compliance | Built Environment Track

    Luccid is your AI-powered Baurecht expert, ensuring every design meets building codes with a click.

  • MapMortar | #builtenvironment #sustainability | Built Environment Track

    MapMortar is real estate decarbonisation at scale made affordable.

  • Oculai | #builtenvironment #ai #software | Built Environment Track

    Oculai offers process monitoring on construction sites through crane cameras and AI.

  • WeavAir | #builtenvironment #sustainability #ai #software | Built Environment Track

    WeavAir makes operations safer and more sustainable through accurate and continuous analytics.

  • Mioto | #legal #ai #software #ecommerce | Legal Tech Colab

    Mioto enables law firms to build scalable digital business models by turning legal services into digital products.

  • Trail | #legal #ai #software #compliance #productivity | Legal Tech Colab

    Trail is the AI governance co-pilot: Trail empowers companies to develop high-quality & trustworthy AI by enabling efficient operationalization of governance.

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