XPRENEURS is a program for high-tech start-ups on their way from MVP to market entry. We support you to validate your business model, find first customers and secure your first investment.

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Our main focus

We are keen to work with start-ups in the in the pre-seed and seed stage with a strong high-tech focus. Specific technologies of interest see in the following. However, if you are working on a technology-based business that is not included in this list, don't hesitate to apply! We are looking forward to seeing creative and groundbreaking solutions in all technology fields.

Our program is completely free and we do not take any equity!

Apply now for Batch #16!

Applications for the XPRENEURS program are open until July 10!


AgTech / FoodTech

AI / Quantum

BioTech / Clean Energy



Legal Tech



Sustainability / Impact


Not in there

You can still apply :)



  • Intense review and development of your business model

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions with the XPRENEURS program team

  • Ongoing exchanges with other founders participating in the program


  • Matched personal companion supporting your journey

  • Individual mentorship during and after the XPRENEURS program

  • Access to our industry partners and VCs


  • Bi-weekly founder insights provided by experienced entrepreneurs

  • Insights on Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Team etc.

  • Learn by doing approach


  • Intensive pitch and presentation training

  • Making your business understandable for anyone – easy as 123

  • Getting you prepared for the Demo Day where you will meet with potential customers and investors

Questions? View our live online Q&A session!

You asked, we answered! In this video session, Venture Consultant Leo Martínez answered all your questions concerning our incubation program.

Lisa Liu, Co-Founder and CEO of Qkera of Batch #15, added the start-up perspective on what XPRENEURS has to offer.

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Within our XPRENEURS Incubation program, we offer three specialized tracks.

XPRENEURS offers three tracks that are specifically targeted at different groups and provide more support. Find out if one of our tracks within our program is suitable for you.

Built Environment Track powered by Nemetschek

Our Built Environment Track is powered by Nemetschek and supported by BEFIVE and TechFounders.

In the coming years, the built environment sector will undergo the most fundamental transformation of its existence. This offers innovative start-ups immense potential to become a driver of the change process. Building bridges between the “old” and “new” players is therefore a key success factor.

At the XPRENEURS Built Environment Track, we are dedicated to fostering innovation and transforming the construction and sustainability sectors. We invite groundbreaking startups to join our accelerator program and collaborate with us to shape the future of the built environment. If your startup is pushing the boundaries of technology and creating innovative solutions in construction, sustainability, or related fields, apply now! We are seeking startups that are driving innovation in the following areas:

  • AEC/O Data Integration (Beyond BIM)
  • AEC/O Interoperability
  • AI-Driven Architectural Design
Apply now for the Built Environment Track powered by Nemetschek

Our entry requirements

We specifically encourage start-ups working on the following potential emerging technologies:

  • AEC/O Data Integration (Beyond BIM)

    We are looking for startups developing platforms or data layers that enable comprehensive data integration beyond traditional BIM:

    • Project-Centric Data Models: Solutions that provide data models spanning the entire AEC/O value chain, including architecture, MEP, structural engineering, construction, operation, and decommissioning.
    • User Persona Service: Tools that serve various user personas across multiple stages of the AEC/O value chain from a single central database.
    • Cloud-Native Architecture: Platforms that are built on cloud-native architecture to ensure scalability, flexibility, and seamless integration.
  • AEC/O Interoperability

    Startups focusing on solving interoperability challenges in the AEC/O industry are crucial for creating a more connected and efficient workflow:

    • Semantic Reasoning Capabilities: Solutions that use advanced technologies like GenAI for semantic reasoning to ensure interoperability between different AEC/O standards.
    • Rich Data Model Translation: Tools that can translate and preserve the full richness of proprietary data models, enabling seamless communication and data exchange across different systems.
  • AI-Driven Architectural Design

    We seek innovative startups developing AI-driven tools for architectural design, enhancing the creativity and efficiency of architects:

    • High-Fidelity Output: Design tools that enable architects to create high-fidelity visualizations of buildings based on professional architectural terms, ensuring that designs remain consistent across modifications.
    • Component Dissection and Replication: Solutions that can dissect design outputs into multiple components (such as walls) that can be replicated or imported into architectural design tools for detailed design processes.

Why join the Built Environment Track powered by Nemetschek?


  • Powerful incubation services to the start-ups by XPRENEURS

  • Excellent access to relevant industry experts, mentors, potential customers and investors will be insured by BEFIVE(UnternehmerTUM's Built Environment Initiative, which works with well known established companies along the entire value chain)

  • Exchange of experiences with like-minded built environment start-ups

Any questions about our Built Environment Track powered by Nemetschek?
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Leo Martinez

Dr. Leonardo Martínez

Senior Venture Consultant

XLab Track

Our XLab Track is designed to help entrepreneurial scientists in their transition from lab to market

XLab is a track within our XPRENEURS incubation program exclusively targeted at scientists across universities and research organizations willing to commercialize high-tech, complete their team and accelerate this process to take the leap towards entrepreneurship. XLab offers more flexibility through virtual modules, lower intensity than the main XPRENEURS track but for a longer period of time (5 months instead of 3).

Apply now for the XLab Track

XLab CleanTech Track

Our XLab CleanTech Track supports science-based start-ups that develop solutions to protect the environment

Powered by Vector Stiftung, our new Track within XLab aims at supporting entrepreneurial scientists whose start-up project addresses challenges in the environmental sector and enhances sustainability in any of our focus areas, e.g. in the domains of Construction/Built Environment, Clean Energy, Food and Agriculture or Materials.

Apply now for the XLab CleanTech Track

Our entry requirements

  • A clear problem - solution fit addressing a relatively well sized market (e.g.: our epigenetic analysis software can identify nutritional deficiencies related to aging, thus helping young adult population change diets to lower their aging rate)

  • Team of minimum 2 people with complementary skills

  • Ideally close to a minimum viable product that has received feedback from first potential customers (depending on the technology field, un-tested prototypes will not fit, for example)

In addition for the XLab CleanTech Track:

  • Business model addresses a major challenge in the environmental sector

  • Spin-offs from universities or research organizations in the area of Baden-Württemberg, e.g. from KIT, are specifically encouraged to apply, but the track is open to all geographies.

Why XLab?


  • Flexible integration of program with other obligations

  • Demand-based support for the gradual transition from science to business (e.g for IP & strategy, customers & funding)

  • Exchange with other entrepreneurial scientists across research organizations

  • Focus on matchmaking: mentors, investors, co-founders & talent pools


  • Making venturing programs more accessible and relevant for scientists

  • Exchanging experiences and using synergies to create more spin-off success stories

  • Building strong & diverse teams that combine tech and business expertise and are embedded in a powerful ecosystem

Any questions about our XLab Tracks?
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Barbara Mehner

Dr. Barbara Mehner

Managing Partner

example curriculum

Start ups
Week 1


Offsite & Kick-off

Calibration Sessions
Week 2

1st Stand-up

Investor Readiness
Week 3

Poker Night

Business Modelling
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6


XCONNECT Mentors & Alumni

Pitch Training & Revision
Week 7

2nd Stand-up

Legal Topics for Fundraising
Week 8

Angels Den

IP Strategy
Week 9Hiring & Team Building
Week 10
Week 11


XCONNECT Investors & Business Angels

Marketing & Branding Strategy
Week 12


B2B Sales Strategies
Week 13

Business Angels Stammtisch

Product Development (Alumni Insights)
Week 14Personal Development (Resilience for Founders)
Week 15


Week 16

Batch Closing


How to apply

  • Applications for the XPRENEURS program Batch #16 are currently running till July 10th 11:59 pm (midnight) 2024.

  • First, we check if your application fulfills the minimum selection criteria for the XPRENEURS program. Then we will rate the different aspects of your application (e.g. product/service, team, or business model). The best 40-45 start-ups will be invited to pitch in front of the team. Finally, we will select 20-30 start-ups to participate in our program.

  • We generally accept start-ups from a wide range of fields. As minimum criteria, we require that your business model is based on a technological innovation, and that you already have a committed founder team with at least one full-time founder (no single founder). You do not need to have an incorporated company yet, but with a strong intent to fund a company. The field of our interest is mostly in the B2B market but on occasion, we also take in teams in the B2C/B2G market if its a strong team.

  • We ask you for some information on the basic cornerstones of your business (e.g. your team, product/service, business model, market). In addition, we also ask you to submit a short informal video introducing your team (max. 2 minutes). Please also upload your up-to-date pitch deck (max. 15 slides).

  • Application phase for Batch #16 starts on June 11, 2024 and ends on July 10th, 11:59 pm midnight 2024.

  • Selection pitches will take place end of July and beginning of August 2024. We will send out acceptance and rejection messages by beginning of August at the latest.

About the program

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Program and Event Manager