XPRENEURS is a 3-month program for high-tech start-ups. We support you to validate your business model, find first customers and secure your first investment.

Apply for Batch #11 until January 23

Our main focus

We are keen to work with early-stage start-ups with a strong high-tech focus. Specific technologies of interest are :

  • Software and Hardware
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
  • Robotics
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

However, if you are working on a technology-based business that is not included in this list, don't hesitate to apply! We are looking forward to seeing creative and groundbreaking solutions in all technology fields.

Our program is completely free and we do not take any equity!

Apply for Batch #11 until January 23

Artificial Intelligence









Industry 4.0 / PropTech

AgTech / Food

Not in there

You can still apply :)



  • Intense review and development of your business model

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions with the XPRENEURS program team

  • Ongoing exchanges with other founders participating in the program


  • Matched personal companion supporting your journey

  • Individual mentorship during and after the XPRENEURS program

  • Access to our industry partners and VCs


  • Bi-weekly founder insights provided by experienced entrepreneurs

  • Insights on Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Team etc.

  • Learn by doing approach


  • Intensive pitch and presentation training

  • Making your business understandable for anyone – easy as 123

  • Getting you prepared for the Demo Day where you will meet with potential customers and investors

Q&A Session
Recording and Slides

Have a look into our previous Live Q&A to learn more about our program.

You can find the slides here.


Example Curriculum

Start ups
Week 1

Batch Offsite & Kick-off

Calibration Sessions

Week 2


Leadership & Team
Week 3


Investor Relations
Week 4

XCHANGE Networking

Week 5Sales
Week 6

XCHANGE Networking

Week 7


Product Development
Week 8

XCLUSIVE Investor Pitching

Week 9

XCHANGE Networking

Personal Development
Week 10Legal
Week 11Legal
Week 12


Investor Readiness
Week 13Investor Readiness
Week 14
Week 15

Batch Closing


How to apply

  • Applications for the XPRENEURS program is currently running. Apply here and be part of the XPRENEURS Batch #11.

    There is a Q&A session regarding to the application process on January 12 - register here.

    The application phase for Batch #11 is open from December 10, 2021 - January, 23 2022.

  • First, we check if your application fulfills the minimum selection criteria for the XPRENEURS program.

    Then we will rate the different aspects of your application (e.g. product/service, team, or business model).

    The best 35-40 start-ups will be invited to pitch in front of the team.

    Finally, we will select 10-20 start-ups to participate in our program.

  • We generally accept start-ups from a wide range of fields.

    As minimum criteria, we require that your business model is based on a technological innovation, and that you already have a committed founder team with at least one full-time founder (no single founder).

    You do not need to have an incorporated company yet, but with a strong intent to fund a company.

  • We ask you for some information on the basic cornerstones of your business (e.g. your team, product/service, business model, market).

    In addition, we also ask you to submit a short informal video introducing your team (max. 3 minutes).

    Please also upload your up-to-date pitch deck (max. 20 slides).

  • The next application phase for XPRENEURS Batch #11 will start on December 10, 2021.

    Hand in your application here!

  • Selection pitches take place mid February.

    We will send out acceptance and rejection messages by Februar 09 at the latest.

About the program

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