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Acrai aims to disrupt the $26bn herbicides industry by enhancing state-of-the-art mechanical weeding methods with deep learning based computer vision.


AIM Manufactory

AIM Manufactory develops in cooperation with leading medical experts an AI-driven, collaborative platform that profoundly enhances cancer screening, detection, grading and monitoring for urologists, radiologists, oncologists and GPs. Our mission is to detect malignant cancer and only treat when necessary.


AMendate (Exit)

AMendate is a software for automatic generation of high complex, lightweight designs of technical products, perfect for 3D printing.

Aqui A Io


aquAIo offers smart maintenance as a service to water utilities by using smart sensor nodes and AI.



beepz helps people with an active lifestyle and a need for long-term medication in staying on track: no forgetting, no overdosis, no annoying alerts. It is the most unobtrusive solution designed to fit the active lifestyle: a small, portable hardware connected to a medication app.

Bill less


bill.less offers a digital receipt at the POS and an app for efficient receipt storage.

Body viser


BODYVISER aims to empower individuals to be their own health manager. We provide individuals with tools to measure their body state at home, we analyze the data based on deep learning and personal coaches and offer the customer continuous coaching to reach a healthy, preventive lifestyle.



Capmo is the most intuitive solution for the construction and real estate industry, helping you complete your project on time and budget.

Cold ray

Cold Ray

Cold Ray develops air conditioning systems that do not require electricity input. Our passive cooling systems can be a much needed game changer in a field that is responsible for more CO2 emissions than aviation and shipping combined.

Config connect

Config Connect

CONFIG CONNECT is a platform for DevOps to manage all configuration files.

Cult fitness

Cult Fitness

CULT is the boutique fitness studio for your living room that offers live group workouts, accessible anywhere.



Deeply enables your product to analyze demographics and emotions. We offer easy integration of real-time mulitface analysis and thus facilitate new ways of human-machine interaction.

Direct FEM

DirectFEM (Exit)

Minimizing the engineering effort of structural simulations. DirectFEM‘s product ReveaL reduces the manual labour needed for setting up simulations by up to 80%.

Dynamic components

Dynamic Components (Exit)

Industrial asset monitoring - acquisition of high-resolution and high-quality machine data that are relevant for safe and efficient operations by retrofitting of sensors to machines and industrial equipment.

Earth is sexy

Earth Is Sexy

Earth Is Sexy is a platform for private users and businesses offering facts, challenges and a community on climate and environmental protection.



frachtklub provides logistics companies an online logistics shop to easily sell their transport services throughout Europe. The white label solution can be easily integrated into websites and processes and enables an increase of new customers and revenues and a reduction of process costs.

Free machines

free machines

We help B2C companies to steer & optimize their customer journeys with AI.



FreiFahrt is connecting the mobility sector and advertisers in order to make mobility affordable for everyone - financed by smart ads.


happybrush Zoo (Exit)

happybrush Zoo is an innovative system (sensor + App) that enables children to turn teeth brushing into fun and helps parents to take the stress out of toothbrushing.

Hema to


Reliable AI-powered diagnosis of cell pathologies.



Next Generation Livestreaming! The software enables cheap and easy-to-use livestreaming from different perspectives. It uses smartphones as cameras and an app for combining the different views to one professional livestream on Facebook or Youtube.



HyLevio develops and operates a new generation of VTOL aircraft based on hydrogen-electric propulsion for intercity connectivity.



At Inga we bring indoor agriculture into cities by growing plants only with water, nutrients and light. With our locally grown plants we solve the problem of an increasing demand for regional and organic food.

Jalu tv

Jalu TV

jalu. tv will revolutionize sports shows. The user is no longer reliant on one commentator. He gets infinite possibilities from a huge pool. In addition he sees individual shows that fit his interests. From American Football to Zumba - the world's largest sports community will arise.



Karlsson helps you find the best additional health insurance based on your demographic and psychometric data.



By making the driving experience of company cars, carsharing and car rental accountable for the private car insurance contract we can offer our users a better Schadenfreiheitsklasse-discount.



Every elevator goes along guide rails that need to be very precisely adjusted. We develop a robot for this manual work and create huge time and financial benefits.

Mango medical

Mango Medical

Mango Medical is offering a software service that provides patient specific bone implants for surgeons by leveraging artificial intelligence.

Merger spot

MergerSpot (Exit)

MergerSpot is the new generation of market research software. We are the one-stop platform, where all data found online about privately held companies can be analyzed. Our vision is to become the Bloomberg for private markets.

Metris io


Building business research tools for the 21st century



NavIndo enables precise localization and navigation in complex indoor environments without additional infrastructure. With our highly scalable crowdsourcing technology, we dynamically create indoor maps from smartphone sensor data.



Providing technology to the local shared-living communities.

Patient one


Leveraging Blockchain and AI to shape the future of Digital Health.



We offer automated contract analysis for lawyers based on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms.


Solos (Exit)

A health platform that helps people to stay fit, by teaching them appropriate workouts via a digital sensor mirror.



Spreadmix is an audio livestreaming platform. It enables artists all over the world to live broadcast their audio in highest quality via their smartphone.



We enable urban planners to get a comprehensive understanding of cycling traffic and to make the right and most effective decisions to shape the cycling infrastructure of tomorrow.


Utopian Future Technologies SA (Exit)

We sell user experience in mobility. Our product is a shared on-demand passenger transportation service for metropolitan areas called Uft.