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Barbara Mehner

Dr. Barbara Mehner

Managing Partner

Before I joined the team, I have been working with organizations from various industries on the commercialization of new technologies and spin-off projects. Now I support founders on their journey, connecting them to investors and helping them to understand their customers. As a psychologist, I also support start-ups in building strong teams.

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Christine Heuwing

Christine Heuwing

Managing Partner

With my long standing start-up experience in the fields of strategy, product launches and market establishments I support our teams at XPRENEURS. Additionally I’m coaching the teams in leadership and on how to be highly effective in organization and implementation. I'm a passionate networker, always happy to make an intro.

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Leo Martinez

Dr. Leonardo Martínez

Senior Venture Consultant

As a founder myself, I joined the XPRENEURS program 3 years ago. Having gone through various stages of incubation in UnternehmerTUM and with my background in tech entrepreneurship, I am now supporting start-ups with my expertise and experience in building and internationalizing their tech business from scratch.

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Timo dohmen

Timo Dohmen

Venture Consultant

Besides having gained professional experience in various companies, ranging from agile start-ups to international banks and tech-companies, I also grew my professional network as a former founder. With my broad expertise and number driven mind I therefore support start-ups on their way to successful investments or operational excellence.

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Thomas Hüpper

Network Manager

In the past I’ve worked for a drone delivery start-up as well as for a Management and IT Consultancy. At XPRENEURS I take care of the systematization and strategic development of the UnternehmerTUM network - consisting of start-ups, alumni, mentors, investors and corporates.

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Nikola Baumschlager

Venture Consultant

My journey began in the vibrant start-up scene of San Francisco, following that I started working in a start up consultancy helping founders improve their business models. However, my fascination with food systems and the potential of meat alternatives led me down a compelling path. After working with a pioneering meat alternative scale-up, I'm now back in consultancy, armed with a deep passion for reshaping the food system.

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Charlotte Karsch

Charlotte Karsch

Marketing Manager

I have already worked in different start-ups developing social media campaigns and marketing strategies and therefore know what the start-up spirit feels like. At XPRENEURS I support the teams with my expertise in social media marketing but also in the fields of branding and content marketing.

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Emin2 Profilbild

Emin Tufanoglu

Junior Venture Consultant

My journey in entrepreneurship began when I fell in love with the vast start-up ecosystem in Lisbon. In various roles, I supported ventures from different stages and industries - ranging from student-led to corporate. At XPRENEURS, I am helping impactful tech start-ups realize their potential using an analytical and human-centered approach.

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Vivian Wiljanen

Program and Event Manager

I discovered my passion for the startup ecosystem through my previous experience in different roles in various startups. At XPRENEURS I work on creating the best program curriculum possible so that founders gain the knowledge they need to be successful on their startup journeys. Additionally, I support the startups by organizing events that give the entrepreneurs meaningful connections and the spotlight they deserve.

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Ines Klöss

Working Student

During my first Master's program in Global Health, I discovered a passion for innovation & technology. Participation in workshops at UnternehmerTUM and TUM Venture Labs led me to XPRENEURS, where I am further exploring the start-up landscape. I am supporting the Food and AgriTech teams as well as shadowing other disciplines at XPRENEURS such as, marketing, event management and business development.

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